Getting started guide

Step 1.

Please register for this site here.

You will need your basic contact information and an idea of the sessions you would like to see. You can find out more about the sessions on the agenda page.

Step 2.

Login to your new account and visit the rest of the site pages such as News and My sessions.

You can manage your registration, including updating your personal data, password, and sessions from the 'My registration' section at anytime.

Step 3.

Once available, visit the sessions you have chosen by going to: My sessions.

Sessions will be available from their start time onwards.

Step 4.

You can change your sessions if required by visiting My registration at anytime.

Sessions are limited on attendance numbers and may become full.

Step 5.

Visit sessions even after they've finished for up to 1 month after.

Sessions are recorded and available after the session time, attendance limits maybe increased at this time to enable more people to register for a given session at a later time.